We are accredited1 development architects. From the first line of code to the last, we build the critical foundation and infrastructure for your platform to succeed.

Tailored Innovation

Cookie cutter models don’t work. Your company, your team, and your content are unique. By utilizing our proprietary DEET technology and database management we construct a custom LMS to meet the specific needs and goals of your business.

World-Class Work

Our foundation is built on the development prowess of stellar technicians. We have the pleasure to serve several exclusive industries with our accredited1 background.
  • Education accreditation1
  • SAAS Model
  • Contract Vehicles


Developing an LMS or acquiring Accreditation1 is often an intricate part of a larger business plan. From traditional business models to MLM management, including compensation plans, genealogy tracking and independent distributor support, we’ll provide business development, marketing and content consulting that will help you achieve your most challenging business objectives.
  1. Business Format Inc  is accredited through AdvancED, which is a private accrediting entity. AdvancED serves as a trusted partner to 34,000 schools and school systems—employing more than four million educators and enrolling more than 20 million students—across the United States and 70 other nations. AdvancED is not a regional or national accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education.